Boston, December 28th 2017


Dear Friends,

As we conclude our 27th year in production I'd like to start by once again thanking everyone for their continued tremendous support! Without you we would not be able to do what we love to do which is travel all over the world and continue to bring you aviation on a weekly basis!


2017 has been a good year for our Airport series as we continue to regroup and plan to expand the series and bring you more releases from airports around the globe. Highlights of the year are likely the long overdue releases of a new Auckland, Paris & Sydney film, a visit of Zurich in winter when the airport is at its best, a new St Maarten release which saddly underwent a terrible tragedy not long after we visited and last but certainly not least a double Miami release packed with awesome runway action.


As far as the Cockpit series we've had some tremendous luck in capturing a lot of 1sts including the 747-8, 737-900, 787-9, A350-900, A320neo, C-series and Superjet. We were delighted to welcome several new airlines to the series while returning to a number that have been in the series. Our Flights in the Cockpit are doing really well and seem to be very appreciated in its current format. We look forward to bringing you many more exciting titles!


We've also been busy bringing back Old Titles that many of you are patiently waiting for. Off course when you have hundreds of programs to convert for the download store it takes time. We were hoping to reach 500 items in our shop by the end of this year, we passed 530 last week. We're not looking to reach 600 by the end of 2018.


Our Download Store is starting its 4th year and we keep on bringing new and more features. Recently we added Streaming for the HD videos and in 2018 we plan on adding this feature for the DVD videos for those who do not want to download/save the programs this is a nice feature.


A special thank you to our You Tube fans! What a year it has been!!  We welcomed exactly 75,000 new subscribers taking us closer to 400,000 and we will be just shy of 50 MILLION views for the year, nearly double the 27M recorded last year and over a quarter million likes for our videos. Again thank you for these figures!!


As always I want to thank our Team! Since we closed our warehouse is composed of 7 people (Udo, Jonathan, Mylos, Tom, Trace, Eric) as well as another 4-5 Free-Lance photographers for their amazing work and devotion to Just Planes including some of the tough travel and weather conditions they endure to bring you the best in aviation! I also want to thank the many Airlines that dedicate their people, time and effort to make our Cockpit series possible and so succesful!


To end my letter and 2017 I wanted to focus on some of the programs that didn't make the Top 20 but that are, in my book, some of the great productions that truely showcase aviation. I think that they are what makes our series what it is and bring you aviation big and small from all corners of the world... It covers as many types of aircraft as possible, takes you to some far away regions that few will ever have the luck of visiting, lands on gravel, water, snow, features the most modern jets to the oldest props, takes you to the highest airports in the world, the most extreme and dangerous ones etc...


I leave you for now and wish all you of a fantastic 2018! A really big THANK YOU for yet another great year!

Michel Moskal - Producer JPV