Thursday, December 29th 2016


Dear friend,

First of all I'd like to thank you for making our 25th Anniversary year our best ever! We broke records in all departments and specially in our new Download Store. Below is an overview of 2016 and plans for 2017.


This year we also celebrated our 10th Anniversary on You Tube!

In 2016 we welcomed more than 40,000 new subscribers taking us over 300,000!

This month we will have around 3.5 Million views and for the year over 35 Million views, a 43% increase over last year! We've registered over 15,000 comments this year and the total watch time is now over 100,000 hours which is around 110 years in 1 year :)

All these numbers easily make us one of the top aviation channels on You Tube and we thank you for this!


Instagram, our newest baby, is also doing amazingly well with close to 300,000 followers and a way to keep you informed about filming and production on a daily basis through photos and videos!


Completing our 2nd year, the Download Store has broken records every single month! Our customers appreciate getting their videos within minutes and save on shipping, handling, duties and taxes! In addition besides seeing the videos on their TV they can now enjoy them on computers, tablets phones...

We went over our aim to reach 400 titles by the end of this year (431 to be precise) and should have no issue going well over 500 by the end of 2017!


This years Top 10 is very interesting in that it pretty much features all widebody aircraft and is nicely divided between Airbus & Boeing. The fact that the Latam A350 managed to get the #1 spot in just a month is pretty amazing but not really unexpected as it is the first ever progra on the XWB.


In the last few months we've put some emphasis on the Classic Collection improving our main page with all the available titles and releasing a number of them dating back to our very first one released 25 years ago. We will continue to bring back the old titles as they are very popular with our customers, meanwhile we will also release a number of newly filmed airport videos. Our plan for 2017 calls for half a dozen new titles.


In 2016 our film team led by Udo has broken a record capturing an incredible 19 new programs! Unfortunately this has led to a very big backlog of titles in our studios and our production team is having their hands full trying to cope with this (a good problem to have). In 2017 we will have to slow down the number of new filming trips a bit so we can catch up and reduce the wait time for each program.


All in all I'd like to once again thank our customers and fans around the world who continue to support our work and allow us to continue Just Planes! Our entire team wishes you all a very happy & safe 2017!


                                                                                                     Michel Moskal - Producer JPV