Just Planes has produced around 10 JFK Airport films over the years, this is by far the best one for the following reasons. First of all its been a few years so the variety has changed a lot with a ton of new airlines including Air Italy, Air Serbia, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Xiamen Airways just to name a few... the equipment used by airlines has also changed a lot, Iberia now with A350, KLM with 787, ELAL with 787, Delta includes the A220, Qantas with 787 and then you have the list of unusual visitors as well as special liveries including the beautiful British Airways 747 in BOAC livery, the beautiful ELAL 787 in retro livery, the special Qantas 787. Then comes the locations. While we miss out on 13 Left due to runway renovations we have the spectacular spot at the new TWA hotel so you will no doubt enjoy this one a lot!


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FILMED : 2019

TIME : 240 mins

PRICE : $20