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Jan5 Classic Airports : Corfu, Rhodos, Manchester Info

Jan5 Classic Airports : New York JFK (1993) Info

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Dec22 British Airways/SunAir DO328JET is here Info

Dec15 2 New MIAMI Films - 8 Great Hours!! Info

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Takeoff from the Amazon Jungle

Piloting A340 out of St Maarten

Piloting Boeing 747 out of Paris
A350XWB Night Takeoff

Sabrina's Perfect A320 Landing!

A340 Majestic Liftoff from Miami

Steep Approach into London City!

A380 Night Takeoff from London

1st look at A350 Cockpit!!

Pilots are lucky!  Always sunny!

Piloting A380 into Tokyo Narita!

MD11 Cockpit to Hong Kong!

A380 on final at London Heathrow!

Focus & Concentration in Cockpit

Christine's Stunning Night Landing!

Fantastic Views of Boston!


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