Tokyo NRT-HND Airports
278 mins $29.95



Close to 5 hours of action!

More than 60 airlines!

1st Widescreen Airport DVD!

18 Airlines operating Boeing 777!

Airbus A380 action!

20 Airlines operating Boeing 747!

We're delighted to be bringing you our 1st Widescreen Airport DVD and Tokyo is a wonderful place to start this off. We first spend around 40mins at Haneda airport where we check out the latest scene mostly with the airlines of Japan. We then quickly move to Narita where the action is and position ourselves at some great locations for takeoffs and landings!

If you're a fan of widebodies you will be delighted with Narita's variety from all corners of the globe! This DVD is almost 5 hours and still selling for the same price back when we offered 3 hours so enjoy!!


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This was a great production and the camerwork was really well done. The quality of the picture was far better than the previous DVD's. Even in the fog and other less than optimal lighting conditions the picture was crystal clear. I didn't even think this was possible! The crosswind landings were definitely the highlight, with my favourite being the Cathay Pacific A330. It was just amazing to see so many widebodies in one program! If this is released on Blu-Ray someday I will definitely purchase it again.  Mark Wilson, CANADA

I was absolutely amazed with this latest Just Planes production. The first wide screen offering for an airport DVD and it sure looks great! I believe this is a new camera man for Just Planes and he did an outstanding job. The filming style and the close up shots were fantastic. If you enjoy wide body action and great camera work, go ahead and purchase this DVD. I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed. George Alves, USA

Really Amazing this airport dvd…great location views and the close up are the best in this type of dvd.This first widescreen dvd is the best in the airport series.All the widebodies lovers need to get it.  Pablo Gonzalez, SPAIN


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