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+ First of all I love the videos, I have so many on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download I can't even tell you how many!

You do an awesome job with these videos. Thank you for many years of enjoyment! Andrew Novotny


+ Your videos are beyond amazing Thank you so much for all your hard work and excellent videos - Just Planes is the top channel in my opinion! JB


+ I am very proud to state that I own the whole collection from 1991 to 2019. I wanted to take a few minutes to thank Just Planes stadd for all their hard work. A big thank you for a very professional outfit! Marc Hubka


+ I really like the latest program from JPV (Egyptair 787) It is simply amazing! By far the best edited program I have ever seen. They continue to lift the bar very high!! Please keep it up! Matthew Albiston


+ Without Justplanes I wouldn't be a pilot. My first video was the Air Canada Express East Coast and I have been hooked on aviation ever since. Now I'm attending college to obtain my commercial licence and Justplanes continues to fuel my passion! Keep inspiring others, just like you did me. Jesse Vermeulen


+ I’ve been a very big fan of Just Planes going all the way back to the VHS days.  Its an honor to support you, your company and the amazing content that you’ve been creating for AvGeeks all these years! Shane Hoefer


+ I just wanted to say I really appreciate the work you do and it was a privilege to see inside the Boeing delivery center! Thank you for the great work over many years. Stephen Sandwell


+ I just want to thank you for the hours of both education and entertainment you guys provide with the on going cooperation from airlines and airports. You all bring the magic of airliners and airtravel to life! Mark Walkington


+ Thanks so much for the incredible work you put into your products, the quality of each presentation is fantastic. Steve Uniacke


+ Thanks very much for the great quality videos! Thanks to all of your hard work Im able to know much more of the aviation industry! Arturo Ortega


+Just Planes, may I just say thank you for what you bring us "Airplane Nerds" as my wife calls me! I've worked in aviation for 25 years and never grow old of your videos and my collection gets bigger all the tme. Thank you!! Simon Crawford


+ The new episode where we fly from TUI to Dubai on the 737 is simply unbelievable. The flight over Dubai is the crowning glory.  Please keep it up You are incredible. Sebastian Schlotz


+ Fantastic videos. Keep up the great work! TR

+ Awesome job on the SAS A330 Enhanced! McDonagh


+ The amount of things I have learned from watching these videos is incredible. My goal is to be an airline pilot and these videos have so much information. Thank you so much Just Planes for the quality and content of your videos. CPAC


+ I've been watching your videos for the last 18 years. Just Planes always does an incredible job! KF


+ Bought one of your earliest DVDs (Malmo Aviation BAe146) as a kid, been a fan ever since S.Darrell


+ The level of details and efforts you all put into these Cockpit Films is amazing! Y.Miura


+ I have been a JP fan/customer since 1998, I have a lot of your programmes dating that time back and to present day.

Each programme I keep watching and it feels like I never watched before, meaning you never get bored.

Since the tragic events of 9/11, you have still managed in tough circumstances to bring us this joy to present and I thank you for that and hope you continue for as long as possible to produce more programmes. Adam


+ Compared to other aviation related productions you do put some work in! Your frequency and quality are on top of the game. Big fan since 2007! AS


+ I must say I am awestruck by the quality of your programs. I am a virtual flier and flight simmer and your videos are extremely enjoyable to a person who has a passion for aviation in general and aircraft in particular.

The quality of the videography is amazing and fortunate to have crews who are so passionate that they are willing to go the extra mile with their explanations. Please keep more of the same coming. Thanks and Regards Manikandan Venkataramanan

+ Here’s something funny, I actually HATE flying......I’m a nervous wreck, but it’s also one of my biggest passions in life and I can’t thank Just Planes enough for allowing the average joe to experience what goes on in flight and everything around it. Just picked up your TNT 737 dvd, utterly brilliant ! Keep up the good work. Andy Druse

+ Thank you for the best program in the series featuring GOL. Looking forward to the second program. Dennis Thiede


+ I purrchased the Everts DC6 download and just love it. This is a great video and perfect for anyone who is flying the PMDG DC6 in FSX, P3D or X-Plane. Thank you! Robert Yunqe


+ Hello there, just thought I'd share I've just finished watching your latest Corsair B747 video to Mauritius. It was really good. Thanks for offering a wide variety of Airlines. I follow all your posts on Instagram/Facebook and I know there is a lot coming out to look forward to. I love Thursdays haha. Thanks again from the UK. Jonathan.


+ One of the reasons I love JustPlanes is that you see different people from all over the world brought together by the love of aviation. Todd Peterso


+ Let me just thank you for all the great videos you produced,Im a very satisfied customer! Mathias Thornander




+ Thanks for the excellent videos. I am an avid watcher of your excellent work. Shaun Henry


+ Would like to say that the videos are excellent and I enjoy watching them. Great selection also! Thomas Daleke


+ This is the first time I download one of your videos and its absolutely amazing! Jose Narvaez


+ I've been a JPV customer for almost four years now... they're the best of the best. I've been impressed with every single DVD I've purchased. Keep up the great work, guys! Cody Castile


+ These are the best plane videos I've seen in my life. I would never be bored if all videos were like this. Andrew Anane


+Your videos are just superb. Keep them coming. Stephen Smith


+ Though I’ve seen (and purchased) the work of a few other aviation companies, none have ever approached either the consistency or the quality of JustPlanes. Wishing you every success in the next 25 years! William Allen


+ AWESOME videos from you guys. Your work is absolutely amazing and I can’t get enough of your videos! One of my favorites at the moment is Air Canada 777-200LR to Sydney. Corey Galbraith


+ Just Planes is always a wonderful company and their cockpit DVDs are first-rate! Tim Herman


+ I purchased the Icelandair 757 program recently and it is simply amazing. I can see that it was covered with even more of a piece of dedication and finesse than your other excellent stuff. Somehow, I am fond of the portly captain with a jowl from Frankfurt to Keflavik. That crew is amazing- I certainly do like their attitude to flying! Manikandan Venkataramanan


+ Own a lot of Just Planes productions all superb and just keep getting better. Olivier Mullins


+ I've been purchasing your dvds since 1994 and I think they are the best quality and there is no other airport or cockpit dvd on the   market that comes close to your dvds! Lee Phillips

+ I am so impressed by your videos i just bought the download version! Matt Marderosian

+ Thank you for starting JP, Thank you for still being there, and thank you for doing what you do. I couldn't imagine Aviation without you all. Simon Crawford


+ Just Planes you guys are amazing with great videos! Keep them coming! LF


+ The very best Cockpit programs out there! Greg Rowland


+ JustPlanes ALWAYS showing brilliantly the routine of world´s most beautiful profession. Since i was a kid, me and my aviation passionate friends were crazy about these videos. I must say that you guys have feed my eager for becoming a pilot. The years passed and now i´m a Glad man, who has flown A320, A330 and currently flying Boeing 767. Thank you and Keep it up!!! Gustavo T


+ Love your videos!!! Hopeton Henry

Magnifique!!! No one does it better than JustPlanes! DK

+ I have only GREAT things to say about JPV - the dvds are absolutely the best there are in every aspect (filming, audio, entertainment). For anyone with an interest in aviation, these are an absolute must; I havent seen a JPV dvd yet where I didnt think wow to myself as the credits rolled. Out of 5 stars, I give JustPlanes a 6!! If youre an aspiring airline pilot like me, or anybody interested in aviation in general, JPV is the best. - Cody Castile


+ All of your programs are just a perfect mix of relaxing, interesting, and profesionalism moments into a cockpit. Thank you very much… Pierre Letessier


+ Thank you for your excellent videos! Jack Visser


+ Videos are so good. Hats off to the team. Vasudev Prakash


+ Just Planes's videos are the best airplane cockpit videos that you can find on earth!!! Alessandro Giannessi


+ Good day there, JustPlanes. Let me start by stating that I love your videos. Recently purchased a tad bit from your web page and must admit to those reading this that they were all exceptional TB


+You are my heroes! You have great stuff, and im cheking your channel out every day. Im dreaming about becoming a pilot myself. Keep up the good work. Samuel May

You re my favorite filmmaker. Keep it up make more and I love to watch more and more. Your huge fan, Ari Gersten


+ You guys are amazing. I currently own 6 of your videos, with 9 more on the way. You guys do amazing work and I will always be a loyal customer. Having worked in the industry, you guys bring me back to one of the most fun times of my life. Paul Raimondi


+ Nice love justplanes, have bought several dvd from you and very impressed Al Gman


+ I just had to write to compliment you on your programs. I am a glider pilot and am slowly working towards my PPL, I now own a few of your videos and love them, they are interesting and educational. Fantastic product and I wish you and your company every success, you fully deserve it.  Nick Kendall


+ Yesterday, I bought my first download.. The pictures, movie is incredible. I LOVE IT… Sincerely. Bruce Holt


+ JustPlanes DVDs are fantastic, professionally produced and interesting. Highly recommend them! HT


+ I just wish to thank you and your amazing Team for your incredible job. I have bought 8 DVDs so far and I really enjoined all of them. My favourite one is the "Turkish A330 Cargo" program. Looking forward to buy a new one soon! Andrea Cacicia

Just Planes has revolutionized the art of aviation filming with the release of their first blu ray! Brent Ktytor


+ Not only did you make a beautifull video, but you also showed us a real man talking with emotions about the airline industrie. I dont think you could have possibly do a better Job like this video, well done Justplanes. every time I think the videos can be better you prove me wrong, keep up this amazing work! LD

In my humble opinion you have by far some of the best aviation footage ive seen! YK


+ I just can't get enough of these Just Planes programs! VA


+ Frst of all let me tell you how big a fan of your work I am. I've enjoyed each and every program, I ever bought. Please keep up the good work, it really is appreciated, looking forward to many more great programs. Ben Kohlmayer


+ Your videos are amazing and I follow your channel every day! Muhammad Rizwan


+ Your video’s give me such joy. I enjoy everything about them. Their quality, structure and picture is so fulfilling it is ridicules.


+ I love almost every video you make justplanes. I'm a big fan! Gabriel Colon


+ Just fantastic in every way, as always! Keep up the great work, Just Planes! William Herman

These are the best aviation DVD’s by a mile & the blu ray quality is superb. The JP videos are not only entertaining & informative but valuable for me in doing my job as an Air Traffic Controller. Thanks to JP I am better informed in my job! Gary Lewis


+ Extremely recommended!!! I buy their DVDs since the year 2000. They are the best!!! Alessandro Giannessi

I am full of praise for what Just Planes has done. When you look over what they've done over the past 20 years or so, they have a terrific legacy (which I hope will continue!) KT

I am a pilot muself and am amazed with your videos. Keep up the good work! Hunter Melton


+ Congrats for the big and amazing work you guys do. Its a guaranteed quality and its pretty helpful for us, aviation enthusiasts. I´ve been a customer since 2004! Rafa Hemsani


+ WORTH every penny, I really really enjoy the level of production and the amount of Aircrafts that u guys film. Keep up the excellent work! Shannon Solomon

I can never get bored watching this for hours. Your work is amazing as usual! Sogn Gjallarhorn


+ The purpose of my email is to express my genuine appreciation and thanks on your work. Heikki Nojonen

I have a dream to one day become a commercial pilot. Your programmes help me to enjoy the full flight experience from a pilots point of view. Your programmes are absolutely fantastic and have me hooked to the TV from the minute I press play. Patrick Kelly

Your download store is a treasure trove of current and classic aviation videos! It's a great library of aviation history too. Whoever thought to make it is a genius!
Mike Aicardi

JustPlanes is the benchmark of airliner footage. Guillaume Muteba


+ At last I have found a good Company who cater for my interest in Aviation dvds and I will be buying many more from them in the future. G. Clarkson

Your channel is the best i see on You Tube! FB

Just Planes always has amazing quality footage, the music is just epic! JO

I was about 12 years old, I saw one of your YouTube videos. I have watched every single video you uploaded since that moment. I want to thank you, Just Planes. I am almost complete with my PPL. Now, my dream is to become a pilot, and I would just like to say thank you.

Thank you for opening me up to the world of aviation, the world of endless adventure. Your biggest fan, Alec Liberman

The Air Canada flight crews are true ambassadors! Their passion for flying really shines. Excellent videos. Jeni Kaybee

Absolutely Stunning video, JustPlanes!! You do amazing work and keep it up! Huge like! OB

+ As per usual Just Planes create the best You tube Films ever. I just love watching them. Greetings from Ireland Ron Patterson

Just planes is a “one stop shop”for aviation enthusiasts and a great advocate for the aviation community. Kristof Barocz

Well done for really going out there an filming with these Airlines, I always look forward to your programs. Adam Gungah


+ Absolutely LOVE your DVDs! Keyur Desai


+ Fantastic as always you guys at Just Planes Christer Eriksson

I love your channel. The rate of update and, the quality makes it one of the best damn channels on youtube! Keep it up :-) Petter

I believe you were the very first channel i subscribed to 4 years ago, and here we are today with almost 1000 videos under this sublime channel's belt. Keep doing what you do best JustPlanes!  John L

Thank you Just Planes for this fantastic Flight in the Cockpit series! The variety of aircraft types & airlines that are presented and the quality of the programs is amazing! More please! Greg Rowland


+ Continue to be very impressed with the programs and quality of service is always excellent. Keep it up! Ted Costopoulos

I love Justplanes all film. best and best everyday. Maybe is the best aviation films company. thanks for Justplanes. Cengiz Arda

All of your videos are very good, and your YouTube channel has been a favourite of mine for years! AD

Thanks Justplanes for your awesome video. Always a great time when watching them! ZS

Your videos are second to none, especially your cockpit ones! Daniel Burt


+ Just Planes provides an excellent product at a reasonable price! I recommend them. Stephen Perrando


+ Best quality. Each one is very well made, educational and puts me right in the cockpit with the pilot. Robert Yunque


+ The best as always. Thanks again Just Planes for a great DVD and an awesome experience! Tim Herman


+ Just Planes is wonderful, with a great product as always. Just love the Oasis Hong Kong DVD and couldnt be more satisfied. Looking forward to more great productions... Charles Smith


+ The DVDs are of excellent quallity and very interesting. I would like to see more clear pictures of the cocpit of different boeings. Also I would like to see a kind of instruction by various pilots how they are flying there plane and how they react during emurgencies. regards Cees Hilgersom


+ I think that Just Planes quality insurmountable. Jaime Fernandez


+ Just Planes has been awesome! They continually provide great products! My wish list though includes more domestic (U.S.)airlines and airports. Keep up the great work team!!! Edward Valker


+ I love the videos that I recieve from Justplanes. High quality videos. Well done. The shipping is fast also. Michael Carlzen


+ Your company are very speciel and we can trust your supports and they are very helpful! I give you 6 stars! Augustine Kaspersen


+ I love the videos that I recieve from Justplanes. High quality videos. Well done. Michael L. Carlzen


+ Thank you very much for the great videos.  Adrian Pop


+ I have some dvds from other sources but none match these.  Pat Callan


+ Your videos keep me motived to work for my ATPL and become an airline pilot one day, thanks to give us dream! MF


+ Got the SriLankan for my son who was delighted with it. Good quality, Superbly presented. Many Thanks Therese Ferdinand


+ Excellent. Five Stars Suranga Indika